Data Room Air Conditioning

Data Rooms

Cooler air keeps data rooms running efficiently and helps to reduce the risk of servers and other hardware overheating.

In order to do this effectively, you need to get the right air conditioning systems for data rooms, taking into account their size, the available space for installation, and how the air flows around the room.

Cassette AC systems are a good option, as they can be installed into the ceiling, taking up a minimal amount of space in the server room while circulating large quantities of cool air effectively.

Types of AC unit for data rooms

Cassette air conditioners are not the only option, and if you don’t want your AC unit to be recessed into the ceiling, there are plenty of good alternatives.

Wall-mounted units give you a visible source of cool air and can be positioned in order to direct the cold air across the room, helping to circulate it around the spaces between hot computer equipment and server stacks.

At ground level, portable air conditioners are also an option, as they can be fitted in a matter of seconds in any isolated hotspots in the room and quickly start to provide relief against high temperatures.

Exhausts for data room air conditioning

In an enclosed space like a data room, it is essential to make sure that the hot air from your air conditioning unit is exhausted to a separate location, preferably outside.

Multi-type AC systems and duct exhausts help to carry the heat out of the room, taking it out to an external AC cooling system so that it cannot accumulate again inside your data room.

Nocria can help with the installation of multi-type AC units and ducting, to follow a sensible route through your premises to the exterior, and in a location where the hot air can safely be released outside