Air Conditioning Commissioning


Commissioning a new air conditioning system goes beyond just the physical installation of the hardware to make sure everything runs at maximum efficiency and achieves what you want in terms of air quality and temperature differential.

Nocria can carry out comprehensive air conditioning commissioning on new installations, fitting the hardware including ceiling-mounted, concealed and cassette AC units and the ducting for multi-type AC systems.

Once everything is up and running, our experienced engineers will run detailed tests to confirm that the system is capable of delivering as intended, to cool or heat the air in your premises, control humidity and manage the overall indoor air quality as required.

Why commission air conditioning?

Specifying the right AC unit is a good start to making sure your installation works as planned, but it’s not all about the hardware, and there are other environmental factors that can affect efficiency.

By commissioning air conditioning systems, you do more than just fitting the units and hoping for the best; you confirm their capabilities so that you can run them efficiently and avoid future maintenance costs due to overworking your aircon system.

In a very practical sense, aircon commissioning also just gives you independent verification that everything is in full working order after installation and that exhaust ducts have been properly connected through to external cooling systems.

AC commissioning from Nocria

Our experienced engineers can carry out air conditioning commissioning to a high standard, providing you with a final report on your system’s capabilities and efficiency, and ultimately verifying correct installation.

This gives a holistic view of your air conditioning, as opposed to just checking each individual unit, and is the last step in the installation process and a sensible precursor to planned maintenance schedules.

Like our other services, we can provide relevant case studies of our AC commissioning work from past projects, so that you can clearly see the direct benefits to a business similar to your own.