Air Conditioning Installation


Correct installation of air conditioning systems is essential if they are to work properly and at maximum efficiency – something that can be verified once they are fitted using our commissioning service.

The refrigerant gases in AC units must not be allowed to leak, and this alone is one reason why your aircon system should always be installed by an experienced professional; Nocria’s engineers can also make sure new AC units are properly connected to existing systems like exhaust ducting and external coolers.

We offer full installation and commissioning as part of our end-to-end service, along with supplying new aircon units from major manufacturers, and our ongoing maintenance, repair and emergency callout services.

Installation and commissioning

Nocria can install and fully commission all air conditioning systems including for domestic residences, retail premises, leisure facilities and data rooms, among other types of location.

Our installation work is carried out professionally with the minimum of disruption to your business activities or home life, and we always aim to leave as little mess behind as possible so you don’t face a clean-up challenge once we’re gone.

Full commissioning of new AC installations goes even further, with comprehensive testing to make sure everything is fitted and calibrated correctly; we will check that your AC units are working efficiently and are in the best of working order before starting any planned maintenance schedule over the long term.

Tailored quotes for aircon installation

Whether you need a single air conditioner fitted or you want a multi-type AC system fully installed and commissioned, we can offer a tailored quote that takes into account the extent of work required.

Newly installed AC systems have the option of a three-year planned maintenance schedule, although this can be adjusted to meet your needs, and we can also decommission obsolete units and safely remove them.

To find out more or to request a quote, contact us today and we can arrange an in-person visit for one of our engineers to recommend the best AC systems for the job.