Decommissioning Air Conditioning Units


Air conditioning decommissioning should be carried out by a qualified and experienced professional to make sure that AC units are safely powered down and dismantled without damaging the ceiling where they were installed.

Nocria can decommission old air conditioning systems quickly and cleanly, with the minimum of disruption to your premises – we can also arrange to install replacement AC units if you want, along with all of the usual ducting to connect to external air conditioning coolers and exhausts.

We can remove old unwanted hardware so that when we leave your premises, there is no more work required to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Decommissioning AC coolant

Air conditioning coolant or refrigerant gases can be hazardous and should always be removed intact by a professional AC engineer to prevent leaks.

Our engineers can handle AC refrigerants correctly so that they remain contained, and take them away for appropriate reuse, recycling or safe disposal – ensuring that no hazardous chemicals are allowed to contaminate the environment.

We can collect AC coolant during the removal work when we also take away your air conditioning system hardware for recycling, so you know the environmental impact overall will be minimal.

Portable AC units

Portable air conditioning systems are an alternative and can be used to maintain air quality while your permanent systems are decommissioned and replaced.

We can supply portable AC units suitable for the size of your interiors, which can be moved from room to room as each installed system is removed and replaced.

Of course if you use portable AC systems anyway, the decommissioning process is minimal, but again if you have old portable air conditioners to get rid of, contact Nocria and we can safely remove and recycle them, while protecting against any refrigerant gas leak during removal.