Gym AC


Air conditioning is an essential addition to any leisure industry premises where you want to ensure you provide your guests with the most comfortable experience possible.

Capabilities like humidity control allow you to tackle moisture in the air around swimming pools, shower rooms, and in gyms where excess humidity can lead to discomfort during a workout.

Meanwhile, the ability to control the temperature of the air output means in all kinds of leisure facilities, you can provide a consistently pleasant interior all year round, whatever the weather.

Types of leisure premises AC

The best choice of air conditioning unit for leisure premises depends on the space you are trying to control, the capacity of purified, cooled/heated air you need, and how consistently you expect to use your AC system.

Portable air conditioners are a good starting point for smaller spaces, such as a small gym or changing room, as they require no installation and can start to process the air in the room from the moment they are switched on, but for larger spaces or continual air conditioning, consider installing a permanent AC system.

Nocria can supply concealed air conditioning units for the ceiling, cassette AC units, wall-mounted air conditioners (one of the most commonly seen types in venues like hotels) and multi-type AC systems that connect several indoor units to a single outdoor air conditioner.

Can Nocria supply my leisure AC?

Yes we can! If you have a good idea of what you need, we can supply suitable air conditioning units for leisure premises big and small, or if you’re not sure, contact us and we will put together some appropriate suggestions.

Air conditioning systems for leisure venues can range from a single portable AC unit with no installation required, to fully ducted multi-type AC systems throughout your premises.

We can provide relevant case studies on request so you can see how we have been able to help similar leisure facilities in the past.