Air Conditioning Repair Service

Repairs & Services

Our air conditioning repairs and servicing can get your aircon systems back up and running following a breakdown with the minimum of fuss, disruption and cost.

Nocria’s experienced engineers will analyse your system and diagnose the problem to pinpoint the location of the breakage and recommend suitable way to restore your air conditioning to working order.

Where an AC unit is beyond economical repair, we can offer decommissioning services to safely remove it – including containing any refrigerant leak – and can suggest alternatives to replace it with a new working unit if required.

Planned maintenance

For a more proactive approach to keeping your air conditioning systems in good working order, consider our planned maintenance contracts, which regularly check for signs of weakness, leaking refrigerant gases and system stability ahead of periods of peak demand.

We offer scheduled maintenance contracts for three years with all new AC system installations, and can also put together a maintenance plan for your existing aircon units.

Legislation requires you to check for signs of coolant gas leakage, with more frequent checks depending on the amount of gas in your system; make sure your maintenance schedule at least covers this basic legal obligation.

Emergency repairs

We know breakdowns don’t necessarily happen at the most convenient of times, which is why we are always open to enquiries about emergency repairs.

Our usual methods of contact include email, telephone and in-person engineer visits, but in the case of an urgent enquiry or AC system breakdown, we are happy to take calls to our emergency mobile phone number.

It’s all part of the personal service Nocria provide, from picking up the phone when you need us the most, to the professional and experienced personnel we send out to diagnose the problem and identify the best way to get your aircon working again as quickly as possible.