Retail Air Conditioning


Air conditioning for retail premises can help you to provide a cool and comfortable shopping space on hot days, while with the right AC system you can also keep your interiors warm and dry throughout the winter months.

Together, this gives shoppers no reason not to come inside – and every reason to choose your store on a day when your neighbours’ premises are hot and stuffy, or cold and damp.

Retail air conditioning isn’t just about controlling temperature, as your AC unit can help to control overall air quality; in an ideal world customers won’t even notice it is there, but will just feel comfortable and at ease while they are on your property.

Options for retail aircon

Retail aircon systems can come in several different forms, including concealed ceiling AC units that have minimal impact on your premises’ visual branding and interior design.

Cassette units are among the most common in larger interiors, directing a strong and steady flow of cool air around the space and providing a refreshing air current in the immediate vicinity of the vents.

For smaller retail units, portable air conditioning systems may also be an option, as these can be placed in a corner on a hot day and provide temporary relief, without any permanent installation or structural work.

Replacing retail air conditioning

If you have old retail aircon units to replace, rather than a brand new installation from scratch, we can decommission them safely and remove them along with any refrigerant gases.

We can supply new hardware and either connect it to existing exhaust ducting or, where necessary, help with the installation of new ducts and exterior cooling systems.

Nocria have worked with retail businesses large and small in the past – to find out more about case studies relevant to your business, just ask.