Office Air Conditioner


A comfortable office interior is a crucial element in keeping a workforce happy and productive, and effective air conditioning is the first step towards this – especially in open-plan offices where it’s essential to have an AC unit fit for the job.

Nocria can supply, install and commission a suitable AC system for your office, whether it’s a single portable or wall-mounted unit for a meeting room, or a complete multi-type installation with an external compressor and exhaust ducting throughout open-plan premises.

Full commissioning of your new system goes a step beyond simple installation, allowing us to test each unit and verify that it is working efficiently, and confirming that you will get the desired effect from it during use.

Direct control of office AC

Whether you allow your employees to alter the AC settings, or you want direct control only for management-level individuals, we can supply AC units that are easy to operate when you need to change the output.

Intuitive controls help to make sure that your aircon is set correctly at all times – maximising the efficiency you get from it, and keeping the air in your office as close as possible to the desired temperature.

Air conditioning doesn’t just manage the temperature of your air – it can also help to control humidity and keep air circulating throughout the building, so it does not become stale and any airborne infections cannot spread among your employees as easily.

Visible or concealed AC units

Like any other premises, office AC units include visible and concealed designs, from wall-mounted units to ceiling and cassette vents.

This gives you good control over the final aesthetic – whether you want it to be as sleek and invisible as possible, or you want a more traditional or industrial effect.

Of course you can also opt for portable AC units which will have no lasting visible effect, and can just be moved into position and plugged in for instant aircon in any part of your building.