Mobile Air Conditioner

Portable Systems

Portable air conditioner systems do more than just cool air down and much, much more than a simple tower fan or desk fan can achieve on a hot day.

Like other air conditioner systems, they work by drawing in hot air and blowing out cold air, achieving a temperature drop of several degrees depending on the size of the space and the capacity of the air conditioner system.

But portable air conditioners can also offer extra capabilities, such as air purification, dehumidification and heating, making them a useful year-round investment to deal with the cold, damp air of winter as well.

Benefits of portable AC systems

Portable AC systems offer one obvious advantage over permanently installed equivalents, and that is that they can be moved to where you need them and set up in a matter of minutes.

Although they are not hidden away in a ceiling or wall like permanent AC systems can be, a portable air conditioner is a compact unit, and requires minimal floor space to start circulating clean, cooled or heated air in seconds.

They are economical to run – just plug in and switch on – and you can use multiple units to handle larger open plan interiors.

Where is portable AC used?

The compact nature of portable air conditioner systems means they are ideally suited to small offices and for people who work from home, or who just want air conditioning at home for any reason.

Systems with air purification capabilities can have health benefits too, making them a good option for enclosed spaces in leisure facilities and other such locations.

Generally speaking, you can use a portable air conditioner anywhere where there is an available power source, to provide instant purified, cooled or heated air with no installation work or permanent modifications to the room’s walls or ceiling.