Domestic Air Conditioning


Air conditioning systems are not only for commercial spaces and public buildings – they can also be used to circulate air around residential properties of all sizes.

This has lots of benefits. In hot weather it can keep interiors cool, but at any time of year, air conditioning helps to manage humidity and prevent condensation.

Circulating air keeps it fresh, preventing rooms with poor ventilation from becoming stagnant, and helping to dispel unwanted aromas that might otherwise hang in the air.

A choice of residential AC systems

There are plenty of different styles of residential AC systems, which make it possible to work with your interior design scheme and the available space for an effective finished aircon installation.

A single wall mounted unit can quickly give you direct control over a space with minimal installation needed – although in some cases the wall will need a little work to make sure the installation is safe and sturdy.

For less visible installations, cassette air conditioning units can be inserted flush with the ceiling level, while concealed ceiling units can be even less noticeable.

AC for multi-residence buildings

Air conditioning for multi-occupant residential buildings gives individual tenants control over their environment, while also helping to keep air clean and treated throughout the building, reducing risks like condensation and damp

Like in a hotel, individual dwellings can have separate controls, even if all of the interior AC units use the same external compressor or feed into the same exhaust ducting.

Full-building AC systems can be incorporated into new-builds for seamless integration, with the interior aircon units concealed in the ceiling as described above, or for all kinds of existing dwellings, there are options to retrofit air conditioning throughout – to find out more about how Nocria can supply, install and maintain AC units suitable for your residential property, contact us today.